Fine In A Minute

(Do You Have A Minute x Was A Fine Time)

2009 Bay AQHA Gelding


Warmboobz follow forever!


I’m making a Follow Forever (I’ll actually go through with it) and I already have a few, but please…

Reblog this post if you’d like to be considered on the list. I cannot guarantee you’ll be on the list, but it’ll help me recognize your blog!

As always, there will be twenty bolded if they’re my all-time favourites. 

So yes, please like and reblog. 

Anonymous asked:
I didn't know about any posts until today - wasn't me. I haven't really used this thing before - until she asked me to do her the favor.

okay well then I apologize!  I thought you were the same person from yesterday that was being hateful. Disregard my sassiness then haha

thef0xhunt asked:
Could you post Built to Move?

I found a video here

Every time I type in “Built To Move” AQHA it talks about other horses who are built to move instead of the name :/

Fine Art

(by Art I Sweet)

17.2hh Bay AQHA Gelding


Anonymous asked:
When did I criticize you? I only messaged you asking you to take down the post because she asked me to since she isn't to tech savvy. Then someone else sent her your Facebook so she went through there after I had already sent the request. I am not sure how any of that was criticizing you, all I did was ask that you remove the photos since she was not pleased. I also did not show her the posts but thank you for assuming I did - so polite.

someone was being bitchy to me yesterday about it. who else was I supposed to think it was when you guys have all been hiding behind anon…? I can’t tell the difference and when you’re all on the same subject, of course it looks like it boils down to you. 

defyingtheirexpectations said:Good Lord… Just let it go, Anon. She wasn’t being rude to you.

amen! considering turning off anon because then they’ll definitely go away hahaha

Anonymous asked:
When I asked you to remove the photos it was before the nice person messaged you through your Facebook - I did not criticize you. Didn't I read this isn't a critique blog anyhow? Thought so.

I don’t have any issues with her messaging me about it. She was nice. She doesn’t have to take free advertising for her horses/facility if she doesn’t want it.

I have issues that you were criticizing me beforehand while hiding behind anon this entire time, which I can’t take all that seriously. Plus I’m guessing that the reason she was even aware/upset in the first place is because you, for lack of a better word, “tattled” and put the idea in her head that I was “stealing” from her. 

and last I remembered, I wasn’t the one who pointed out the grammar mistake so… 

Heirogant Son

(Son And Heir x Brandillie)

1982 Sorrel AQHA Stallion


Anonymous asked:
Can you post some of Heirogant Son and his foals? I always thought he had some nice foals in the show ring - I don't think any are really famous though?

okay! :)

Next To Perfection

(The Next Detail x Agates In My Hand)

2010 Black ApHC Stallion
2012 ApHC World Champion Hunter in Hand
2012 ApHC Reserve World Champion Non Pro Hunter in Hand


FG Kids And Fellas

(Mr Yella Fella x Kid Layne)

2009 16hh Palomino AQHA Stallion


2014 Bay AQHA Filly

(The Next Detail x Pretty Woman)


Anonymous asked:
Can you post some of The Next Detail's foals?


Anonymous asked:
Sorry orderly manner. I should have known there were grammar nazi's on this site. Make one mistake trying to help friends who are irritated about photos being taken from their site and the grammar crazies are out to get you!

It’s a criticize and be criticized kind of world. I mean technically you got what you wanted so I don’t know why you’re acting so upset..?