I’ll take him please

Dun Lostma Chocolate

(Chocolate Chic Olena x Dun Lost My Freckles)

2007 Bay Italian AQHA Stallion

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Dun It At The Rodeo

(Dun It Big x Lion In Wait)

Grulla AQHA 

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Dualing In Faith

Sorrel AQHA Mare


Arno Honstetter gives Show Me The Buckles a congratulatory pat after their Reserve Champion winning run

A Spark Of Sunshine

(Makin Moonshine x Lucindas Black Rose)

2007 Dun AQHA Stallion

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omg my judging coach got hung up in a meeting so now I’m in charge of practice tonight! I’m so excited. This is day 5 in a row of practice so I was really dreading it and now I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I’m still gonna work em hard, but they feel less pressured giving reasons to me, so they’ll probably enjoy it more too. 

Dr Sandy Pep 

(Dr Sunny Pep x Sandy Lady Peppy)

2004 Sorrel Tobiano Brazilian APHA Stallion

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(CRS Gold Nugget x Top This Pizzazz)

2009 Sorrel AQHA Stallion

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Be On Edge

Sorrel AQHA Mare
chill with the legs girl

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Dr Sunny Pep

(Julias Peppy x Sunny Delta Doc)

1994 Sorrel Tobiano Brazilian APHA Stallion

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(Source: facebook.com)

Don Silver HJG

(Don Diego Bars x Tina Doc Acres)

2007 Gray Brazilian AQHA Stallion

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